The quarterback is one of the toughest positions to analyze because there is so much more to playing it than just the physical tools needed.

The best QBs in the world all possess most of the very important attributes listed below. These character traits and abilities are sometimes hard to gauge, but are vital to success.

  • He must be an intense competitor.
  • It all starts with attitude and having the desire to win.
  • He must be a leader by always being honest and accountable.
  • Embrace the fact that all eyes are on the QB all the time. Being a quarterback means you assume a role of leadership as soon as you enter your huddle.
  • He must play fast.
  • The offense is always paced by the QB. Basically, being up-tempo as well as playing fast physically. Quick mind = quick feet = quick delivery. [
  • He must be creative and spontaneous.
  • The ability to improvise and make unscripted plays is one of the biggest deciding factors to becoming QB #1. The entire team will respond positively to this ability.
  • He must be football intelligent.
  • Meaning knowing the offense as well as understanding how the defense operates. He also understands the strategy of the sport and is instinctive. He must have dexterity and agility.
  • Games are won and lost on poor ball security within the pocket. The QB must be able to handle the ball with confidence.
  • He must have a great sense of anticipation.
  • Whether throwing through a window to his receiver not quite there yet, or seeing the blitz before the snap, a quality QB will be aware of his surroundings at all times.