Out of respect for all involved, parents are asked to have limited involvement while the drills are being conducted. There are times for parental involvement, which may include snapping the ball or catching the pass in designated spots during a drill. However, most of the time, we request that parents remain in the stands or on the sidelines during drills. A true 1-on-1 interaction aids in gaining a better understanding of the quarterback’s knowledge of the position and helps prevent the young QB from being over-stimulated.

If you would like the lesson to be filmed, please purchase an 8GB SD card to be inserted into the QB1 Sports video camera. At the conclusion of the session, you will be given the SD card to take home for review. Filming is optional, but is highly recommended for the benefit of seeing and hearing the coaching points again, as well as gaining the perspective of the instructor. Film review is a powerful tool of progress and improvement.

The preferred method of payment is cash. If paying by check, please make payable to QB1 Sports, LLC.

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