What does my son need to bring to the lesson?

Each lesson he should bring cleats, something to drink and a football.  Receivers are always welcome but are not always necessary.  I have plenty of footballs but they may not be the same size or brand used on his team.  Other considerations would be hand towels, wristbands, etc.

Where do you conduct your training sessions?

Most training sessions I travel to near where the client lives.  I do have locations in and around McKinney that I utilize when the client is able to travel.  Usually lessons occur at a football field where the client attends school or maybe at a ballpark nearby.

How much do you charge for lessons?

Private 1on1 lessons start at $150 per lesson and can increase at $50 per 30 minutes extra, if needed.  Small group lessons (maximum of 4 QBs) are $80 per QB.  I also give a pre-pay discount of 10% for 5 sessions ($675 for 5 private lessons; $360 for 5 group lessons) and a discount of 15% off for 10 sessions ($1275 for 10 private lessons; $680 for 10 group lessons).  Prepaying also provides the client with scheduling preferences.

What ages do you teach?

Just about all ages.  Most QB1 clients are 7th grade to 12th grade.  There is also graduate level training for college and professional quarterbacks.  There have also been exceptions for kids as young as 7 years old.  But typically 11 or 12 years old is the earliest I start kids with private lessons.

Do you teach basic fundamentals or advanced level training?

I teach both and everything in between.  The age of the client typically dictates what we work on.  The older the QB, the more advanced the drills and techniques become.  But my main focus at every level will always be proper stroke mechanics (on- and off-platform), base-balance-load, under center & shotgun footwork and rhythm & timing.  These fundamentals transcend every age.

How long do your lessons usually last?

Private 1on1 lessons typically last 60-75 minutes.  Group sessions are typically 75-90 minutes. … … … …. …. … .. …. …… ……. . . …. 

Where does your knowledge of throwing mechanics come from?

I do not have a degree in Kinesiology or Biomechanics.  However, most of my knowledge comes from personal experience as a 3 throwing-sport athlete in high school or from sources like E11 HC Trent Dilfer and other biomechanics experts that I come in contact with as a coach.  In HS baseball I played every position but Center and Catcher.  I was a State Champion in the Javelin in high school and a 2X NCAA National Track & Field Championship automatic qualifier in college.  Also, my throwing motion was overhauled by current Seattle Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell during my rookie season as a Green Bay Packer.

How do I schedule a session?

The best way is using the contact page to submit an e-mail.  24+ hour notice is typically required to schedule lessons.  If urgency is required, please call or text Craig Nall @ 318.730.6958.

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